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The One Radio Engine
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Live Demo of "The One Radio Engine"

User Demo

You have no need to create account or no need any login information to see the front-end demo.

Staff Demo

Username: staff
Password: demo

Admin Demo

Username: admin
Password: demo


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Key Features of "The One Radio Engine"

  • Setup Your Own Radio Station

    Installation process is so easy, you can setup this script within few minutes. Very user friendly setup screen.

  • Setup Page & Page Template

    Pages are in your control. You can create any page, menu & Page template as you need. Easily possible to setup your page.

  • Setup Ads & Sponsors

    You can create add for any specific page. Sponsor should be added by admin. Easy control for add & sponsor.

  • MailChamp & Facebook Like API

    Fully integrated MailChamp and Facebook API, you can change Facebook page and you can add social like and more....

  • RJ Profile

    You can add, remove, update your RJ list. RJ profile should define as two page, list view and single page view.

  • Scheduler

    You can add your show schedule for your station. It should be possible to edit, update, delete easily. It's showing a organized table view.

  • Photo Gallery

    Nice photo gallery is presents there, you can add, update, delete photo from gallery from your admin panel. All access is control by super admin.

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    2 April

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